Chosen Few Software is creating new opportunities through innovative, fairly priced software.

Whether it be making smiles happen across the world with a hopping ragdoll robot, inciting a revolution in analog video processing, or uncovering the ancient programming secrets of beloved abandonware games, Chosen Few Software is making the world a better place to live in and share with others.  

The best of the best.

Quality is our #1 priority.  Our team of software wizards strive to make our products easy-to-use while also giving the richest possible set of features and utilities. For example, the up and coming SAVE (Software Analog Video Emulation) project is designed from the ground up to provide authentic, high quality video output alongside a comfy user experience.  

Built on community.

We believe that great software is built on community. A software application is only ever useful so long as there is someone who needs to use it.  As such, feedback from current and future users of our software is a key part of our design process.  Our most popular mobile game, Super Patrick, is living proof of the success that can emerge from the Chosen Few Software method.  

Sharing is caring.

A big part of being successful is giving back. The Chosen Few Software is no stranger to sharing the knowledge we gain through the development process; software is knowledge, and knowledge is power.  We recognize that the open source software model is key to improving the world around us by enlightening others, and also preventing our heads (and pockets!) from getting too big.  


That's right, Chosen Few Software's got game! From our flagship title Super Patrick, to the lesser known originals such as Halloween Simulator and Mach-90, fun is just around the corner!


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Meet the entire Chosen Few Software team. Determined as always, we build a future for ourselves, one line of code at a time. Trans rights are human rights.

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