What are we up to here at Chosen Few Software?

Every new software product starts with an idea. But ideas can't move on their own. Its when an idea becomes a project, that it starts to become a reality. We believe that a combination of rapid prototyping and proper planning is essential to converting ideas into real, functional software. Below is our growing portfolio of projects that are within various stages of development. Please be advised, the majority of the projects shown are a work in progress. For a complete list of officially released & supported Chosen Few Software applications, see Products.

Surge - Scalable Graphics for the Web

Chosen Few Software is trying to close the bandwidth gap across the Web. How? By making images load sooner and faster on low bandwidth connections, making access to media-rich webpages more equitable for all.


On this page you can download a custom CFS made build of FFmpeg for Windows that includes the recent patchset written by Thomas Siedel, fully integrating the leading open-source VVC (Versatile Video Coding) codec into the FFmpeg toolkit.