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"Hello, World!"


Hello, world! My name is Isabelle Santin, and this is the inaugural blog entry for the official Chosen Few Software - Voices blog.

Our mission here at Chosen Few Software is to change the world, one line of code at a time. We believe that creative ideas and people are a huge part of this iterative, developmental process. Much like a sculptor shapes their clay, a creative software engineer must constantly work to reshape their ideas, architecture, and implementation to adapt to complex problems and scenarios. In creating and running this blog, it is my sincere hope to inspire creativity in the souls of my listeners by presenting them with original, creative writing in auditory format. 

If you're an ordinary person with an extraordinary idea, write us an email and send it to voices@chosenfewsoftware.com! We want to share your ideas, your voice, with the world. 

Thanks for checking out this quick introductory post. Happy listening!

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