An industry breakthrough in the making.

SAVE, which stands for Software Analog Video Emulation, is Chosen Few Software's biggest software project so far. Our goal in developing this technology is to revive the aesthetic warmth of analog video in the digital age. Furthermore, we want to push the boundaries of consumer electronics, making it possible to breathe new life into video technologies long forgotten

GPUs for Real-time!

You read that correctly. SAVE's headliner feature allows ordinary personal computers to become analog video processing behemoths using entry level dedicated graphics processors.

No other software product exists that makes it possible not only to generate, decode and store analog video signals on conventional computing platforms, but also do so completely in real-time. This makes SAVE perfect for livestreaming, or if you fancy old tech, driving CRT displays!! For more information, see our hardware demo on the media reel below & on YouTube.

Software that doesn't break the bank.

With SAVE, you can bet on authentic, quality video processing at mere fractions of the price of equivalent, leading brand plugins and post-processors.

A big aspect of the SAVE project is to provide equitable access to the classic analog look for as low a price as possible. This includes high quality features such as customizable modulation parameters and a powerfully expressive command-line interface which enables maximum creativity and productivity for your workflow. Our flexible software approach makes SAVE the cheaper, more accurate, and more accessible option for video hobbyists and freelancing professionals wanting to bring the analog look to their projects. 

SAVE Releases

Because "Analog never went out of style!"

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