Input/Output Modules


I/O: file(.*)/video, video/file(.mp4)

This is the main input/output module used in SAVE 1.2.x to decode video streams from FFmpeg compatible files as well as output video stream data to H.265 encoded MP4 files. H.265 is the default codec used by SAVE to encode output from */video modules and store it on disk, and for the time being cannot be changed from this default. However, the quality of the compression can be controlled with the -crf flag at the command line. For more information about this flag, see FFmpeg's documentation on it.


I/O: file(.volta)/signal, signal/file(.volta)

This is a supplemental input/output module provided by SAVE for transparency and future use-cases. In SAVE 1.2.x, the Volta I/O module allows for storing/retrieving emulated analog voltage signals as little-endian, 16-bit signed sample data files. .volta files do not contain any metadata or headers, and can be imported/exported from audio programs like Audacity as raw data to interoperate with SAVE. Note that this also means that .volta files don't "remember" their sample rate, so it must be recorded/specified elsewhere (for example, at the command-line with -srin and -srout flags). This input/output option is currently only useful in cases where the user wants to see an oscilloscope-like view of modulated CBVS signals generated by SAVE.