About SAVE v1.2.x

SAVE makes use of thousands of lines of code written both in-house and by open source authors. We regard open source software with great honor and respect for its gracious contribution to the software community at large. To find out more about the open source libraries SAVE v1.2.x makes use of, check out the oss-licenses directory packaged with each copy of the application.

Additionally, note that SAVE relies on the GPL version of FFmpeg, which for license reasons we cannot distribute along with each copy of SAVE. Therefore, SAVE v1.2.x comes with a platform appropriate script to automatically download FFmpeg to the proper installation directory for use with SAVE. We want to be as transparent as possible about this fact as to not hide the significance of FFmpeg's authors and their contributions to our project.

Most importantly, we want users of SAVE v1.2.x to understand that software is an evolutionary process; the features you use with the current version might be changed, merged, removed, or renamed in the next. We respect that users are entitled to a consistent product experience, but also ask that they respect our agency in improving our software in ways we think is for the better. With that said, all feedback is welcome so long as it is delivered with respect and dignity. Together, users and developers are the lifeblood of the software process.

For information on how to get started using SAVE v1.2.x, see Getting Started.

Thank you for choosing SAVE!