Accessing Your CFS Patreon Benefits

If you just subscribed to Chosen Few Software, first of all we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to support our software and mission. You are among the chosen few who will help us change the world, one line of code at a time. There are a couple of places on the Chosen Few Software website that are the central hubs for accessing and configuring your Supporter+ benefits. To ensure proper access to them first, link your Patreon account by clicking the "Login with Patreon" button at the top right corner of the navigation bar on the main site. Then refer to the following:

  • To access your exclusive software license key, and to configure your visibility on the Top Supporters leaderboard, see the My CFS Benefits page.
  • To find the download link for your product(s) of choice, navigate to the Products page, then to the specific product page. Software downloads can then be found by scrolling past the media showcase pane.

About Your CFS Exclusive Software License (Padlock)

Chosen Few Software is dedicated to integrity and authenticity in all aspects of software development and distribution. This includes ensuring that everyone who uses our software does so fairly. To help make this happen, all Patreon exclusive Chosen Few Software products are guarded with Padlock, our custom Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution.

Each time you run a CFS Patreon exclusive application, Padlock makes sure that your copy of the product both comes from us and hasn't been modified by someone else before it got to you; also known as tamper proofing. Once this tamper proofing is completed, Padlock attempts to fetch a "license lease" from our servers, which allows completely offline access to the product until the next time your subscription is billed. This means that for monthly billing, you must have an internet connection to validate your CFS product once a month.

Additionally, each license key is allowed to have an unlimited number of leases associated with it so long as the key itself is valid. Therefore, users can rejoice in sharing their license key with friends and using it to register multiple devices. Fair is fair! Now suppose that you have canceled your Patreon subscription to Chosen Few Software, or downgraded it to a lower tier. In this case, any active license leases stored on your (or your friends') devices will expire at the same time that your Patreon membership does. After this, CFS servers automatically deactivate your license key, rendering it invalid for creating more leases. Again, fair is fair.

Given the amount of freedom unlimited leases gives, Chosen Few Software asserts its right to deactivate license keys at any point in time if we suspect abuse or attempted tampering. Think of your license as you renting our software products; they are still ours, but we benefit from your using them in a way that is fair for both parties.

We hope you enjoy using CFS software!