Getting Started with SAVE v1.2.x on OSX

This guide assumes you have successfully downloaded the most recent version of SAVE.Core.MainTool-1.2.x from SAVE's Official Webpage using your Patreon account, onto your Windows, OSX, or Linux computer. At the moment we provide no official support or guidance for users on Linux distros other than Debian or Ubuntu.

Make sure you have downloaded the correct file for your system! All supported desktop platforms include releases for both x64 and arm64 systems. Follow the steps below in order to start using SAVE v1.2.x on your Intel or M1/M2/M3 Mac:

Step 1: Extract the ZIP archive file to a permanent directory

This step is effectively self explanatory; However we stress that users should extract their copy of SAVE v1.2.x to a permanent directory OUTSIDE of the Downloads folder. Instead, use a directory such as My Documents/Chosen Few Software/SAVE-1.2.x.

Step 2: Register your copy of SAVE with Chosen Few Software

Before you can use any copy of SAVE, you must register the product using a valid license key. In order to register your copy of SAVE with our servers, copy your license key to the clipboard from the My CFS Benefits page, and follow these sub-steps:

  1. Open the Terminal app inside of the directory you created in Step 1. To do this, right click inside the SAVE folder and click "Open in Terminal"
  2. Run these two commands in order*:
  3. chmod +x ./SAVE.Core.MainTool.exe
  4. xattr -d ./SAVE.Core.MainTool.exe
  5. Next, run this command: ./SAVE.Core.MainTool.exe <your license key here>. Of course, you should substitute <your license key here> with the text you copied in the previous sub-step. DO NOT INCLUDE THE ANGLE BRACKETS (<>) IN THE COMMAND!! Once you have finished typing the command, hit the Enter key.

For more information about your license key, how long it is valid, and when it can be revoked, see Benefits.

*To cut costs as we jumpstart our software business, we have opted to keep our applications unsigned for the time being. This means that according to Apple, OSX cannot determine precisely who created the SAVE binary you downloaded. Rest assured, we already implement our own custom code signing procedures in order to ensure that our products reach your computer in a safe, trustworthy state.

Step 3: Download FFmpeg 5.1 (Automatic)

Using the Terminal window you opened in Step 2.1, run the following command: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

If the command starts to run, it should automatically fetch the correct version of FFmpeg built for OSX under the GPL software license, extract it, and place it in the correct directory for SAVE to function properly. After the Terminal window finishes execution and returns to the prompt, keep it open and move onto the final step in this guide.

Step 4: Checking your work

Finally, in the Terminal window, run the command: ./SAVE.Core.MainTool.exe -h. If all of the above steps were completed correctly, you should see basic documentation on how to use the tool display on your screen.

HELP! I'm stuck!!

Please see our latest SAVE v1.x for Mac OS tutorial video for a step by step guide on how to install SAVE!

Next steps

Proceed to check out Key Concepts and Complete List of SAVE v1.x Modules.