When robots fly!

Super Patrick offers players a fresh and unique platforming experience, bringing physics based platforming and ragdoll mechanics to the age-old genre.

Game features include:

  • 9 Uniquely challenging levels
  • Hilarious online multiplayer action
  • Dozens of custom color combinations for your character
  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • One Giant Free Play Mode map
  • A Simple and easy Tutorial level

Super Pack! Paid Features include:

  • Old Graphics Mode Feature Pack, bring back the old UE4 Mannequin and flat textures!
  • Super Levels Pack #1, three brand new levels that are easier and more fun than the free ones, with public leaderboards included!

Lovingly made by lil' old us.

Credit where credit is due.

==Lead Programmer/Project Lead==
- Isabelle Santin (IsaMorphic) -

==Backend Developer/Architect==
- Jose Santin (Drynaps) -

==Level Designer/Texture Artist==
- Polly May (PollyThePancake) -

Dynamic by dj answer (https://orangefreesounds.com/dynamic-good-electronic-music), CC-BY-4.0
Lazy Racing by IsaMorphic (https://soundcloud.com/isamorphic), All Rights Reserved

Super Patrick Releases

Because "Gravity hurts so good."

Version (Latest Release)



1.8.1 Release 🎉💃


New, paid feature expansions include:

  • Old Graphics Mode Feature Pack, bring back the old UE4 ragdoll!

  • Super Levels Pack #1, contains THREE new, easy, and fun levels!

Bug fixes from v1.7:

  • Fixed explosion particle effect

  • Fixed joystick visible in customizer

  • Fixed multiplayer issues!

Other changes:

  • Removed two of the boring music tracks to optimize app size

  • Made it so that the original music plays more often

Download for free today on Google Play!