"I think in four dimensions, but only abstractly. The human mind can picture these dimensions no more than it can envisage electricity..."

- Albert Einstein

Enter BeLooped. It is a game designed to question this assumption about human perception. There are ways of abstracting a 4th dimension of space such that its immediate consequences are readily apparent to the average human observer. Put simply, imagine distorting a cube in such a fashion that all three opposite pairs of faces are physically connected together. This, of course, is impossible in the real world. But with the power of computer visualization, anything is possible.

Think inside-out of the box.

You are in a space where forwards leads behind you and left is to your right. Don't think about it too hard, you'll hurt yourself.

Confucius who?

What goes up eventually appears below you. Also, gravity might occasionally change direction. Beware of black holes.

Keep it rolling.

You are a marble. Its a good thing too because then your orientation doesn't matter (as much); it makes things slightly less confusing.

Check back in on BeLooped soon!

Because "You shouldn't get too far ahead of yourself."