Remote Terminal Client

Remote Terminal Client is our solution to giving you fast, world-wide access to your personal computers and servers.

Features of this service include:

  • Execution of commands on your computer from anywhere in the world

  • Easy task management, keep tasks (and their output) across many sessions

  • Easily kill rouge tasks with the press of a button

  • Secure environment keeps users from seeing each-other's tasks

  • Transfer files to and from your machine through your browser (8mb size limit)

To get started, register for an account on our site and go to for your next steps.

Note: this product is still in alpha/beta stages, and more features will come with time.

Remote Terminal Client has been downloaded 29 times.

Version 1.0.8

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.exe 4/8/2019 674 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.8.exe

Version 1.0.7

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.exe 12/22/2018 674 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.7.exe

Version 1.0.6

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.exe 11/8/2018 674 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.6-bugfixes.exe
.exe 11/7/2018 674 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.6.exe

Version 1.0.5 and below (Deprecated)

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.exe 8/16/2018 672 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.1.exe
.exe 8/20/2018 673 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.2.exe
.exe 8/22/2018 672 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.3.exe
.exe 8/24/2018 672 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.4.exe
.exe 10/31/2018 672 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.4r1.exe
.exe 11/2/2018 673 kb Remote_Terminal_Client_alpha1.0.5.exe