Polly's Save Surgeon

Polly's Save Surgeon is a humble, simple tool that gives users the freedom to edit save files from many versions of multiple Lego Star Wars titles including Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

The intended use case is when you have made changes to the raw save file data with a hex editor, and you want the changes to be reflected in the game. Normally, this isn't possible, as the file has data at the end to verify its authenticity.

Polly, a friend of Chosen Few Software, has helped us to find out how this data is generated, and graciously turned that knowledge into a tool that can generate and replace this data correctly in virtually *any LSW save file.

This tool is not officially supported by Chosen Few Software. It is distributed here with Polly's prior knowledge and consent. Inside of the provided zip file there is README containing instructions to use the tool and information about how to contact the developer.

Be sure to check out the tool's official repository on GitHub!

*for a full compatibility list, read the README on that page!

Polly's Save Surgeon has been downloaded 85 times.

Version 1.1

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.zip 6/5/2021 19 mb Polly's_Save_Surgeon_v1.1.zip

Version 1.0

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.zip 5/18/2021 20 mb Polly's_Save_Surgeon_v1.0.zip