NuXtractor uses the power of .NET and Kaitai Struct to enable curious gamers and modders alike to extract texture data from their favorite Lego games developed by Traveler's Tales.

Currently the only officially supported game is Lego Star Wars: The Video Game (PC and Xbox), but this tool may work with several other games.

Each release comes with a markdown formatted README that contains information on how to use NuXtractor and what its capabilities are. The application's full source code is included as well.

The project is currently hosted on GitHub at and is licensed under the GPL, although we do ask that users credit the tool for any assets they extract.

NuXtractor has been downloaded 258 times.

Version 1.1 (Beta)

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.zip 6/16/2021 6 mb

Version 1.0

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.zip 3/11/2020 14 mb
.zip 3/10/2020 14 mb