Chosen Few FX Pack

Chosen Few FX is an OpenFX based video-fx plugin designed for use with various OpenFX hosts.

Chosen Few Software is proud to announce Chosen Few FX's latest must-have feature, the Raptor Scripting System. Raptor is a set of plugins that allow users to code their own filter plugins with ease, giving video producers a level of creative freedom that has never been seen before. The feature is included in the latest 1.0.4 release, alongside the new StutterMosher extension plugin, a light-weight tool that lets users easily integrate glitchy data-moshing effects into their production workflow.

Chosen Few FX also includes a filter plugin named "Soft Engine 3D". The plugin allows users to texture a 3D model of their choice with any media they desire, whether it be a static image, a moving video, or even a media generator. The plugin is included in releases 1.0.3 and up.

Other effects are included in the pack such as Julia Distort, which uses fractal mathematics to distort a moving image. There are more fractal related effects, including Mandelbrot Generator, which generates images of the Mandelbrot Set, and a related Julia Generator.

The plugin is mainly tested in VEGAS Pro 14, and it should work for previous and later versions of that program. Other unrelated hosts may or may not have issues. If issues are encountered, please send us an email at

A list of effects included in this pack is as follows:

  • Mandelbrot Generator
  • Julia Distort
  • Julia Generator
  • Raptor (Realtime)
  • Raptor (Scripting)
  • Soft Engine 3D
  • StutterMosher (Extension)
  • Wave Form

To install Chosen Few FX, click on the download link to the most recent version. When you run the setup, make sure you carefully read the information presented to you before starting the installation. This plugin is only available for Win32 and Win64 platforms (for now).

Chosen Few FX Pack has been downloaded 418 times.

Version 1.0.4

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.exe 12/18/2019 11 mb chosen_few_fx_pack_1.0.4.exe

Version 1.0.3

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.exe 10/15/2019 3 mb chosen_few_fx_pack_1.0.3.exe

Version 1.0.2

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.exe 6/26/2019 3 mb chosen_few_fx_pack_1.0.2.exe

Version 1.0.1

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.exe 3/18/2019 408 kb chosen_few_fx_pack_1.0.1-install_fix.exe
.exe 3/17/2019 421 kb chosen_few_fx_pack_1.0.1.exe

Version 1.0.0

File Type Upload Date File Size Download Link
.exe 11/28/2018 406 kb chosen_few_fx_pack_1.0.0-install_fix.exe
.exe 11/28/2018 406 kb chosen_few_fx_pack_1.0.0.exe